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From hig-school through college, I participated and competed at various track events – mostly 5ks to 10ks marathons and found it very difficult to keep up with my passion to run or jog as a mom. Most stroller designs have poor wheel design or bad tire make that render them poor for runners like myself. I created this site to review the best running strollers for any parent with an infant or toddler. I provide the most in-depth reviews and guides on running strollers with very helpful buying guides. 

Do not stop running or jogging because of a stroller

Moms should be limited by strollers

If you are mom like myself, I have some good news! In 2022, your passion for running cannot be limited by lack of reliable running strollers that are sturdy with well-designed swivel wheels. I have done the hardwork and over the past 2 years during the pandemic lockdown, I have put together the most comprehensive info on the best running strollers available in the market so you don’t have to guess. On this blog, I have reviews and lists of strollers ideal for various situations. Whether you live in the city, the surburbs, or in rough terrains, you’ll find your best option here. 


I looked at all the wheel designs of strollers

Stroller wheels comes in all shapes and the materials used to make it partly play a big role in their reliability. In addition, the wheel design can also significnatly impact if they’ll perform well as running or jogging strollers. 

Running or Jogging?

Whether your enjoy slight jogging or serious long-distance running practices, I have shared all you need to know when picking the most ideal stroller for you and your kid. 

Never be limited again with strollers or any baby gear if you are a passionate runner. If you have any question, I’ll be very happy to hear from you. 


Testimonials & Featured Clients

Amanda was truly helpful in assisting me to regain my running hobbie after I delivered my first-born. She guided me over the phone on three stroller brands I was undecided about and grateful I came across her website.

Elena Bryant, Mom of 3-month-old

Running with Strollers site is the perfect place for any running mom looking for a stroller. We have collaborated with Amanda several times to assist parents to select the ideal jogging strollers and happy that her site is getting attention it deserves.

Ashley Davis, Co-editor @ Motherhood HQ

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